A Budget-friendly Guide to Trying Zipline Adventure for the First Time

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If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you won’t make it to the queue of the most adventurous people if you haven’t tried the Zipline activity. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime trial that you must experience, at least once. Zipline adventure is a thrilling outdoor activity that makes you glide over a cable suspended above the ground. 

Most of the time, nature and forest trails become the settings of the adventure. The good news is that everyone can try it, from children to teenagers and adults. You can customize the height and rope limit as per your age requirements. 

Zipline activity makes sense whether you’re seeking a family-friendly hangout or a daring solo adventure. Luckily, you’ll explore multiple options when finding a Zipline park in Dubai and making preparations. 

Speaking of preparation, it’s not as effortless as you may think. That’s why we’ve brought you a rundown of tips to make the most of your first-ever Zipline.

  • Arrive Early at the Destination 

Whichever adventure park you’ve chosen for the Zipline activity, reaching at least half an hour early is wise. This way, you’ll have plenty of time to settle before the adventure begins. 

Sometimes, it’s better to be the first candidate for the slot. Or else the constant yelling and cries of the previous participants may scare you off.

  • Follow Safety Protocols 

Zipline adventure is surely a fun and relaxing experience, but safety is essential to keep the memories in your good books. You must comply with the rules set by your instructors. 

For instance, they might ask you for safety equipment, including harnesses and helmets. Also, never jump off the platform until you’re told to do so, wait until the other Zipline users clears the path before you take a turn. 

  • Wear The Right Outfit 

Before leaving your premises, ensure you’re appropriately dressed for the Ziplining. You must wear closed-toed sneakers with a comfortable outfit, preferably a top and denim shorts. 

And so avoid wearing any loose-fitted clothes like scarves, along with necklaces. In some cases, you might need to get a different pair of shoes made for adventurous pursuits.

  • Bring Your Gloves

We highly suggest you wear protective gloves for the most comfortable experience. Gloves make it effortless to grip ropes and prevent unwanted skin irritations. 

While you must bring it as per your wrist’s size, you may get it from the premises as well. The gloves may or may not be included in the Zipline package, so always confirm it in advance. 

  • Secure Your Belongings 

You’ll resemble a Tarzan when swinging and climbing through the Zipline trail. Therefore, you belongings must be secured for a smooth experience. 

You will have to remove your phone, wallet or any valuables from your pocket. Instead, you can place it in your backpack. However, the safest approach is to lock these items into the vehicle so you can enjoy the process wholeheartedly.

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated

Your water bottle is one of the most important things you can’t skip when heading for Zipline. Keeping yourself hydrated the entire period is the first rule of Ziplining. 

You can’t risk getting low in the middle of the session. Or, the adrenaline-rushing roping might make you escape thirst immediately. While most parks feature water stations, preparing a water bottle for the day would be wise.

  • Attend To Your Skin

When heading for outdoor team building activities or solo adventures, one must always attend to their skin requirements. You must carry SPF and anti-bug moisturizer before entering the adventure. 

Zipline tends to take the user to a depth of space you couldn’t explore otherwise. For instance, the trail will take you through the thick bushes of the forest or along the lake. 

Ultimately, it makes you encounter some bugs and the sun’s scorching heat. Therefore, using anti-bug cream and sunscreen to avoid skin infections afterwards is better.

Ending Thoughts!

Undeniably, Zipline is a one-stop solution to encounter the most surreal tropical jungles and beauty of nature. You’ll feel like a bird soaring high over the lush greenery and the warm blue waters of the bay. Those still scared of this life-changing experience may be doing something wrong with the preparations. Well, it’s time to escape your fears with the abovementioned tips and tricks.

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