Health Related Information From Astrological Remedies


Good health leads to a good lifestyle. If you are not healthy, you will not feel like doing any work. In today’s time, someone or the other remains ill in every house. But we do not pay attention to why that member of the household is falling ill again and again, or why he has been ill for a long time. In such a situation, you need to pay attention to which planet is weak. What measures should be taken to strengthen that planet? By taking these small measures, you will get good health.

According to Health Prediction, to maintain physical health, many measures have been mentioned in astrology. The way to stay healthy gives us the strength to bear the difficulties of life and by adopting these measures, there is an effect of positivity in our life. So let’s know from astrology the importance of health and the rules of staying healthy.

Know the importance of health

It is said that when the body remains healthy, the mind also remains calm and happy. That’s why it is very important to take care of your health. Everyone must have heard the saying of a healthy mind and beautiful thoughts. That’s why it is necessary to keep the body healthy for the flow of positive energy in life.

Relationship between physical health and Astrology

According to astrology, the planets and constellations present in the universe have a profound effect on our health. Each planet and its changes have a direct effect on our health.

Astrological remedies to keep health favorable

According to astrology, the rules to keep the body healthy are as follows.

  • To get rid of incurable diseases: Make an earthly Shivling out of clay and anoint it with milk. and worship. Do this every Monday. Performing this activity on a Monday in the month of Shravan gives special results.
  • To get relief from headaches: Apply Tilak on your forehead with the vermilion of Hanuman ji’s feet on Saturdays and Tuesdays. Worship of Hanuman Ji Maharaj gives relief from headaches.
  • To prevent jaundice: Wear the root of Punarnava around the neck on Thursday at sunrise or sunset. This will give relief in jaundice.
  • Exercise/Yoga: By doing regular exercise, yoga, and pranayama, the body always remains healthy and fit. Practicing yoga gives the boon of a healthy body and a calm mind.

Remedies for some common health problems

Along with physical health, it is important to take care of mental health as well. Many times we get stressed due to adverse circumstances in life. We get upset when things don’t go our way. And many times become a victim of depression. So let’s know the ways to stay mentally healthy. Use Bhimseni Kapoor to remove negativity. This destroys evil eyes and negative energy. If there is a delay in the marriage work, then feed rice pudding to a blind beggar.

Astrology advises taking special care of your health to remove health-related problems, then astrology also advises to remove health-related problems. Going to the sawyer and breathing in the open air removes the problem of stress while eating well and being happy all the time removes problems like kidney and blood infections. 

According to astrology, problems related to the stomach can also be overcome by medical science, Virgo people are often affected by stomach problems. People of the Leo zodiac are prone to diseases related to the heart, so astrology advises them to do yoga.


Astrological remedies used by traditional healthcare practitioners can be a valuable addition to the uniqueness of your health and wellness. Promote better health and vitality by promoting yoga, meditation, color therapy, herbal remedies, and energy healing. Remember that tolerance and variation are essential to any healing method. Always consult and talk to astrologer for any specific health concerns and incorporate these astrology remedies into your life with an open heart and mind.

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