How Do I Fix My Brother Printer Offline On My Mac?

Brother Printer Offline

Brother Printer is among the best printer manufacturers and supplies the most efficient printers to the market. The demand for Brother printers has noticed a remarkable growth in a few years and is more preferred in offices as well as homes too.

But that doesn’t mean it is free from glitches & bugs, many users reported that Brother printers go offline. on their Mac.

You are required to print some important documents, so you have been given the command to print on your Brother printer, but your printer does not respond at all.

This may be pretty frustrating to you and you just want to fix it as soon as possible. You must be looking for a quick troubleshooting way to fix the brother printer offline. Henceforth, we will walk you through all the simple and effective ways to fix the issue in this post. Read it

Troubleshooting Ways to Get Back Brother Printer Online on Mac

There might be a couple of reasons behind the hp printer offline mac, so, move to resolve the issue immediately.

1. Check Power Supply:  Check whether the sufficient power supply is on or off. Disruption in the continuous power supply may be the cause of the Bother printer goes offline issue.

2. Speedy Internet connection:    A slow or interrupted connection may be the reason behind the Brother printer not responding issue. So check properly whether all the cables are properly connected to the printer.

3. Check Loading tray:    Before preceding to the next, check whether the Paper Tay is properly loaded or excessive papers are loaded on paper tray correctly.

4. Check Paper Jam:    Make sure there is not any Paper jam in the printer, if any clear that to resolve brother printer offline issue.

5. Remove the Printer Software:    Remove the printer software from your mac and install it again to get back your printer online.

6. Clear the Queue:   If your previous commands have not cleared yet, then do it first as the previous queue may hinder the printing job.

7. Update Software:    Update your printer software, as obsolete versions of software may be the culprit of the issue.

8. Reset Your printer:   To get rid of the issue, reset your printer to factory reset, and your printer may start responding on your Mac device.

9. Reboot the Mac Printing system:   Sometimes problems are due to faulty printer settings on your Mac, so you need to reset the Printer settings on your Mac device and your printer starts printing again.

10. Set the brother printer as the default – Let’s set the printer as the default machine in the printing preferences settings. In order to do that, you must choose the Brother printer as the default machine.

  • Navigate to the System Preference
  • Tap on the “Print & Scan” option
  • Now, Select the default printer from the dropdown menu

11. Disable the Firewall on your mac

You should check the security settings of your brother printer if it constantly goes offline on Mac while it is available on a similar network. Firewalls and security programs are most likely blocking the printer. Therefore, you should disable your firewall and other security apps on your Mac. Set up the printer again now

  • Go to the System preferences
  • Then, click on the “Security & Privacy” option.
  • Tap on the “Firewall” section
  • Now turn off the firewall.

Before moving to contact the customer care executive, you should try all the means given above to fix the issue.

These are some common and efficient ways to get back your Brother printer online on your Mac device. Still, if all the aforementioned methods are unable to fix the issue “why is my brother printer offline”, then don’t hesitate to contact the help support team of the Brother Printer.

The executive will respond immediately and provide you with some affordable and effective ways to make your printer start functioning instantly. For detailed guidance must visit the site once.

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