How to Download Dilwale Movie?

dilwale movie download

Dilwale is a movie which is an Indian romantic movie which includes action and comedy as well and is a master piece of director Rohit Shetty, who is also the producer of the movie along with Gauri Khan. The movie has stars like Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, Varun dhawan and Kriti Sanon in the lead roles which can make you go for dilwale full movie download

The story of the movie has been set in Bulgaria which follows the story of two lovers who are Raj and Meera and they are reuniting after a long time when they come to their village to attend a family wedding.  

The movie explores various themes such as love, forgiveness, family and has been marketed as a masala film by the audience, where the masala team is usually used in the context of a movie which combines various elements of comedy, action, romance as well as drama. 

A Brief Outlook About Dilwale Movie – 

The movie was initially released in the year 2015 on 18 December and the budget of the movie was around 135 crores. The running time of the movie was noted as 161 minutes, whereas the cinematography of the movie was done by Dudley. 

The movie Dilwale was distributed by the Red Chillies entertainment at the time when it was released in the cinemas in the year 2015. 

Plot of The Movie Dilwale For The Readers – 

Raj and Meera are two childhood friends whose story has been shown in the movie who grew up in a small town in Bulgaria, Raj and Meera were in love but their relationship was not successful and was eventually cut down when Kaali, brother of Raj killed Meera’s brother Veer in a fight between them. 

The situation forced Raj and Meera to get separated and they moved on to their separate ways, however, years later Raj and Meera have returned to their hometown where they have to attend a wedding, and this is where both of them will be unexpectedly reunited. 

Raj is a successful criminal whereas, Meera is a winning architect and despite the fact that many years have passed their love for each other is as strong as it used to be. 

When they meet each other, and they spend their time together they begin to have the feeling that their past should not be the criteria defining their future hence, they have decided to take a chance on their future once again where they try to move past the tragic events which took place in their lives. 

Along the way for find the love for each other they need to face off against the rival gang which is lead by Raj’s brother Kali and his men, however, in the movie we see that both of them are able to overcome the obstacles which are in their way and they are able to finally reunite as a couple. 

The ending of the movie can be seen with Raj and Meera getting married and starting a new life with each other where they have forgotten and left their past behind. 

Downloading Dilwale Movie For The Users – 

You can go for dilwale movie download using some popular torrent sites which will offer you with the movie free of cost whether you watch or get it downloaded on your device. 

The torrent devices which you might use on your device are tamil rockers, tamil yogi, filmy zilla, filmy hit, YTS, go stream, etc. and the process for downloading movies through these torrent websites is very easy. 

You need to begin with opening the website, and then you should look for the movie dilwale in the search bar and when the movie comes in front of you, you should click on it. 

After clicking on it, you should select the format and the resolution on which you are needed to download the movie and as soon as you click on the download button and wait till the movie is completely downloaded on your device. 

Once, it is downloaded you are free to watch the movie for free of cost on your device whenever you want to watch it and enjoy the movie anytime anywhere you want to. 

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