The Easiest Guide to Live Streaming Setup for Brands

Live Streaming

Live streaming is one of the most popular means of communication for brands to interact with their targeted audience in real-time and without much investment in fortune. Not just for brands or businesses but any individual looking forward to reaching their social boundaries and looking forward to creating a community. Still, it is a great opportunity to share knowledge, foster a sense of communication and increase the brand’s visibility. Well, if you are thinking about how to get started with it and the basics of a live streaming equipment setup as well as about the studio, tools, and essential aspects. Stop worrying about all those, this blog got you covered all. 

What is live streaming?

This is the most underrated question you might have read in any other blog regarding live streaming. But it’s not. Understanding the basics can help you learn the big things in between. In general, live streaming is an advanced process of broadcasting video and audio content in real-time over the internet. For example; just like we watch cricket matches on television it is the same but over the internet. Furthermore, the process is quick yet simple and with the popularity of social media, many platforms also offer live streaming services like; Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. 

Any event or scenario can be potentially streamed over the internet event at a basic streaming setup. You just need a camera, microphone, channel or page on social media (or platform you want to stream on), and the internet. Even you don’t need a camera setup for streaming as in the modern age it can be done with smartphones. However, this kind of streaming setup is for the individual level but in order to cover a big event, professional streaming setup and equipment are essential. Let’s delve deeper into this topic in the upcoming section to expand our knowledge.. But before we learn that, do you understand the importance of why to live stream? No, we have covered that too. 

Why live streams?

From the plenty of reasons why to live stream, it first needs to be known that anyone can increase their social presence. In terms of social presence means visibility on the internet and for brands it is most necessary. Without an increase in brand visibility, the sales and ROI can’t be possibly increased. Here are a few other pointers that can be achieved via live streaming as well as by live streaming studio setup

  • The first and foremost is to connect with the potential audience and foster the relationship and enhance CRM. 
  • With the professional streaming setup answering Q&As, feedback, and communication can be simplified.
  • Any brand or business can establish itself as an authority and serve as an expert by sharing valuable content, and presentations, and even by simply sharing thoughts on any specific industry topic. 
  • Live streaming can be beneficial in building a brand and growing the business. 
  • By live streaming, you can show off your brand’s value, product, services, expertise, and passion. Leading to attracting new customers and clients.

From the above pointers, we have got an idea of and significance of live streaming studio setup. Now, what is the equipment needed to do it is to learn. So, let’s explore more about it; 

Live Broadcast Equipment Set Up: The Essentials

There are many types of live streaming that can be done from single camera streaming to multi-camera live streaming. Although both depend on the specific needs and budget. Here are some essential pieces of equipment that every live streamer or brand should have.


A good camera is the first key to showcasing quality content in high definition. Streaming with a smartphone or a good camera phone is for those who are new, like; a live streaming setup for beginners. However, to stream to the event of a brand a DSLR camera or multi-camera setup is required.


In live streaming, good quality video is not enough if the voice is not audible and not qualitative. You can invest in a professional microphone for streaming setup. A USB microphone or dynamic which can record and feed a good high-definition audio by eliminating the noise is needed. 


When multi-camera setup for streaming is done there is a need for OBS studio or software that can mix the streams and capture the right audio-video and then showcase it on social media. In the market, there is a good deal of software available like XSplit Broadcaster, and Streamlabs. However, it is always preferred to invest or hire a professional streaming setup service provider like Dreamcast. Who can give end-to-end customization and services that are tailored to your brand and event needs. 

Besides all these essential live-streaming equipment setups. There are a few other tools and equipment that might be needed but completely depends on the specific requirement. They are;

  • Camera stand
  • Good lighting
  • Chroma setup

Things to Set up Your Live Streaming Studio

A live streaming studio can be set up in an indoor space with a screen and chroma setup. But in outdoor events, it completely depends on the resources available. In addition to all these once you have all the equipment in place. There are a few effective considerations to set up your live-streaming studio. 

  1. Choose the right location like a peaceful space where no one can interrupt.
  2. Make sure all your tools like the camera. The microphone is placed in the right position.  
  3. Before you go live, test all your equipment or go for a dry run. 
  4. Rehearse and work on the script. 

Tips for live streaming

Here are some pointers for live streaming:

  • Make sure you know what you’re going to talk about before you go live.
  • Interact with your audience by speaking to them.
  • Dress professionally and communicate clearly.
  • Inform people when you will be live streaming. Promote the streaming times on social media sooner. 

Hope you enjoy reading this blog. Thank you for reading till the end. Best of luck for your next live streaming.

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