How to Use Workday Prism Analytics to Improve Your Business

Workday Prism Analytics

Workday Prism Analytics is a powerful tool that allows businesses to leverage data and gain actionable insights for better decision-making. By integrating data from various sources, Workday Prism enables users to analyze, visualize, and share critical information across the organization. In this article, we will explore how you can use Workday Prism Analytics to improve your business and drive growth.

Key Features of Workday Prism Analytics

  • Connect and Consolidate Data

The first step to harnessing the power of Workday Prism Analytics is to connect and consolidate data from multiple sources. Workday Prism allows you to integrate data from external systems, spreadsheets, and other applications into a centralized data repository. By consolidating data, you can get a holistic view of your business operations, identify patterns, and uncover insights that were previously hidden.

  • Build Customizable Data Sets

Workday Prism provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to build customizable data sets based on your specific business needs. You can select and combine relevant data fields, apply filters, and define relationships between different data sources. This flexibility enables you to create tailored data sets that align with your unique reporting and analysis requirements.

  • Visualize Data with Interactive Dashboards

Workday Prism offers interactive dashboards that allow you to visualize data in a meaningful and intuitive way. You can create charts, graphs, and tables that present key metrics and trends. With drag-and-drop functionality, you can easily rearrange and customize the visualizations to focus on the most important insights. These interactive dashboards make it easier for stakeholders to understand complex data and make informed decisions.

  • Conduct Advanced Analysis with Data Discovery

Workday Prism Analytics empowers users to conduct advanced analysis using data discovery capabilities. You can perform data exploration, run statistical analyses, and create calculated fields to derive valuable insights. By drilling down into the data, you can uncover trends, identify outliers, and understand the underlying factors impacting your business performance. This deeper analysis helps you make data-driven decisions and discover opportunities for improvement.

  • Share Insights and Collaborate

Workday Prism Analytics facilitates easy sharing of insights and collaboration across teams. You can share dashboards and reports with stakeholders, enabling them to access real-time data and stay informed. The ability to collaborate within the platform allows teams to discuss findings, share annotations, and work together to derive insights and drive action. This promotes a data-driven culture within your organization.

  • Monitor Performance with Scheduled Reports

Workday Prism Analytics allows you to schedule and automate the delivery of reports to stakeholders. You can set up recurring reports that are sent to specific individuals or groups at designated intervals. This ensures that key stakeholders receive timely updates on performance metrics, KPIs, and other relevant information. By monitoring performance regularly, you can quickly identify issues, track progress, and take proactive measures to improve business outcomes.

How to master Workday Prism

To fully leverage the capabilities of Workday Prism Analytics, consider investing in Workday training. Workday training programs provide comprehensive guidance on navigating the platform, building advanced reports, and utilizing advanced features. By mastering Workday Prism, you can become proficient in data analysis, visualization, and deriving actionable insights that drive business success.

Steps to Master Workday Prism

  • Understand the Fundamentals

Before diving into Workday Prism, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of data analytics and visualization. Gain a basic understanding of data structures, key metrics, and data relationships. Additionally, grasp the concepts of data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL). This foundation will help you navigate Workday Prism with confidence and make the most of its features.

  • Take Advantage of Workday Training

To truly master Workday Prism, consider enrolling in Workday training programs. Workday offers comprehensive training courses that cover the entire spectrum of Workday applications, including Prism Analytics. These training programs provide hands-on experience, best practices, and in-depth knowledge of the platform. Workday training will equip you with the skills and expertise needed to leverage Workday Prism effectively.

  • Explore Pre-built Reports and Dashboards

Workday Prism comes with a wide range of pre-built reports and dashboards designed to address common business needs. Start your journey by exploring these pre-built assets. Analyze the data visualizations, understand the underlying data sources, and customize them to meet your specific requirements. This will give you a solid foundation and help you understand how to structure and design your reports and dashboards.

  • Build Customized Data Sets

Workday Prism allows users to build customized data sets tailored to their specific needs. Take advantage of this feature to create data sets that align with your organization’s reporting and analysis requirements. Select relevant data fields, apply filters, and define relationships between different data sources. Building customized data sets enables you to extract meaningful insights and analyze data in a way that best serves your business goals.

  • Leverage Data Discovery and Advanced Analysis

Workday Prism provides data discovery capabilities that allow users to explore and analyze data in-depth. Utilize data discovery features to perform advanced analysis, including data exploration, statistical modeling, and calculated field creation. Dive into the data, uncover trends, identify outliers, and gain deeper insights into your business performance. Experiment with different analysis techniques to extract actionable insights.

  • Collaborate and Share Insights

Workday Prism promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing within organizations. Collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders to discuss findings, share annotations, and validate insights. Leverage the sharing functionality of Workday Prism to distribute reports and dashboards to the right stakeholders at the right time. This ensures that decision-makers have access to real-time information and can make data-driven decisions effectively.

  • Stay up-to-date with Workday Enhancements

Workday regularly releases enhancements and updates to its platform, including Workday Prism. Stay informed about the latest features and enhancements through Workday’s release notes and documentation. By staying up-to-date, you can take advantage of new functionalities and capabilities that enhance your data analysis and visualization.

  • Practice and Experiment

Mastering Workday Prism requires practice and experimentation. Engage in hands-on exercises, work on real-world scenarios, and explore different data sets. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will become with the platform’s features and functionalities. Embrace the iterative process of learning and continuously seek opportunities to apply your knowledge to solve business challenges.


Workday Prism Analytics offers a robust solution for businesses seeking to unlock the power of data-driven insights. By connecting and consolidating data, building customizable data sets, visualizing data with interactive dashboards, conducting advanced analysis, and sharing insights, you can drive informed decision-making and improve your business performance. Invest in Workday training to master Workday Prism Analytics and maximize its potential for your organization’s success.

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