Tips To Understand and Analyze Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the main performance measurement tools for websites and applications. Its ability to integrate with other Google tools and the amount of data it offers make this tool an efficient analysis solution.

Although there are other similar tools on the market, Google Analytics remains in force, in part because it is a free measurement tool.

What you will need is to learn how to use the tool or if you prefer to hire the services of professionals for the preparation and presentation of performance reports.

To start using Google Analytics you must have a registered Google account with email and password.


Analyzing basic metrics in Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers different advanced data that will require either an expert in handling these types of configurations or a longer learning process.

However, you can start by familiarizing yourself with basic indicators and gaining a general understanding of your business website’s performance or SEO.

These data can be found in Overview, by reviewing the tab you will access the following information:

  • Number of page visits: counts the number of pages or sections that have been visited on a website. This data indicates what a user does in a single session, what their journey is, and the most visited pages.
  • Users: the number of unique users who have visited the website, at least once.
  • New users: unlike the previous one, this data refers to users who come to the website for the first time.
  • Session: is the number of visits a user makes, each of them is recorded as a session.
  • Number of sessions per user: it is the average of the sessions carried out by a single user.
  • Average session duration: it is the average time that the user remains on the website, the higher the number is considered positive.
  • Pages per session: average number of pages visited in a session.
  • Bounce rate: known as abandonment percentage, it is the average number of users who visit the website and leave it without any interaction. So, what is a good website bounce rate?


How to interpret these data?

All indicators are correlated and depending on their number they can show a negative or positive performance of a web page. A high number of users and new users is positive, as long as the average session time is also positive.

Likewise, the age of the website comes into play, since for a launch the amount of traffic will be one of the most important metrics. At another time, more than increasing traffic, what matters is focusing on the average session time and the bounce rate.

Data analysis must be based on clear strategic objectives, which are renewed from time to time.


Custom data analysis

Google Analytics is a fairly complete tool, so you can get personalized metrics by linking other data that comes from external applications such as CRM or subscription platforms.

This means that if you have a membership program you can obtain differentiated data for each type of membership you offer to your clients.


Report Types

Some of the most important reports to consult in Google Analytics are:

  • Real-time: ideal to know the development of important launches and new products. They indicate what is happening at the moment with the number of users, pages visited, and traffic origin.
  • Active users: report on the number of users in a given time, very important to estimate retention.
  • Customer lifetime: reports on the value of users generated by different channels and campaigns.
  • Acquisition: is a report of traffic sources.
  • Content: review the performance of all pages, sections, landing pages, blog, etc.

As you can see, using the tool is quite a journey and experience. Now you can take your first steps, but remember that you can request advice to deepen your knowledge and interpretation of the data.

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