Gaming Laptop Brands Comparison: Which One Offers the Best Value?

Gaming Laptop Brands Comparison

The popularity of gaming laptops has been skyrocketing, catering to the needs of dedicated gamers who long for the excitement of gaming on the go. One of the main  reasons driving their popularity is their capability to provide high-performance gaming experiences.

Gaming laptops are built to seamlessly play resource-intensive games with high-end graphics cards, powerful processors, and plenty of RAM or storage. This allows gamers to enjoy their favourite games without sacrificing graphical fidelity, even when they are away from their gaming PCs.

As the demand for gaming laptops increases, it becomes critical to choose the right brand to get the best value for your money. In this article, we will compare various gaming laptop models in terms of productivity, performance, screen quality, GPU capacity, cooling systems, battery life, portability, and price.

So, let’s explore the thrilling world of gaming laptops and see which brand can do just about everything.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gaming Laptop

There are many essential components to consider when researching a gaming laptop to ensure that you make the proper decision without wasting time and money. These factors will ultimately influence your laptop’s overall productivity, functionality, and gaming experience.


The more powerful your processor, the more exciting your gaming experience will be! The processor, or CPU, is the building block of your gaming laptop. It evaluates how efficiently your device can perform resource-intensive activities, complex calculations, and missions required by modern games. Before finalising, go for a processor with multiple cores and high clock speeds, for example, the Intel Core i5 or i7 and the AMD Ryzen 5 or 7.

Graphics Cards

A graphics card, also called a video card or GPU, is crucial for gaming performance. A high-end GPU is responsible for multi-monitor setups, rendering stunning visuals, and displaying the graphics, textures, and 3D effects of games on the screen. Therefore, you must consider one that can handle the demands of advanced games. Nvidia and AMD are the leading brands for dedicated graphics cards for gaming laptops.

RAM and Storage

A laptop uses its “random-access memory”, or RAM, to display files and retrieve information. It has a greater impact on the laptop’s overall speed and performance; the more RAM, the faster the processing capabilities, resulting in seamless gaming sessions.

On the other hand, your laptop’s storage capacity enables you to install more games, reduces loading times, enhances in-game performance, and simply accommodates patches, updates, and mods.

Gaming devices often come with either an SSD or a hard disc drive (HDD). SSDs offer faster loading times than HDDs, but they are a little more costly. While HDDs provide greater storage space for your data. You must go for a perfect balance of speed and storage capacity that is compatible with your budget. 

Display Quality

A high-quality display delivers immersive gaming visuals. The following are some key attributes to keep in mind:

  • The higher the resolution, the more cinematic, sharper, and more detailed the visuals you will get. Invest in a laptop with a Full HD resolution of at least 1920 x 1080. 
  • A higher refresh rate means smoother gaming and less motion blur. The laptop must have at least 120 Hz of refresh rate.
  • There are three types of panels: IPS provides the best colour accuracy, TN panels have faster response times, and OLED panels offer excellent contrast and black levels.

Cooling System

A cooling system is responsible for maintaining performance during intense gaming sessions. An excellent cooling system must have a fan design capable of dissipating heat efficiently and effectively. Your laptop should have a well-designed heat dissipation system that keeps the temperature within a secure range.

Battery Life

A super-long battery life is needed to continue playing without any interruptions. Most gaming laptops are power-hungry, so you must choose a laptop with a long-lasting battery or a device with a technology like NVIDIA’s Optimus capable of switching between dedicated and integrated graphics to save power.

The 4 Best Gaming Laptop Brands: A Detailed Comparison

It’s difficult to determine which brands deliver quality gadgets with screaming stats and which are simply trying to leverage the “gamer” branding to push out an ordinary laptop. With deep research, we have gathered information on the top 4 gaming laptop brands to help you select the one that best meets your needs.

MSI Gaming Laptops 

MSI, or Micro Star International, is well known for its innovative design and experimental gaming machines. Their laptops are typically pricey, have incredible quality, and are unlikely to compete with other brands. The company has created thin laptops for students, professionals, and everyday users.

Our Top Picks: MSI Stealth GS66 (9S7-16V512-203) and MSI Leopard GP66 (9S7-154322-498) 


  • MSI laptops offer “exceptional performance” compared to their competitors. Whether gaming or business, all their laptops are equipped with high-end graphics and cutting-edge hardware. 
  • Sleek and attractive designs – with a thin and light black sand-blasted metal chassis and reinforced hinge, the GS66 is perfect for gaming.
  • MSI laptops have a higher level of customisation compared to standard laptops. MSI Dragon Center is incorporated to allow you to control, monitor, and adjust your laptop’s performance, lighting, and temperature. 
  • An impressive cooling system designed with Cooler Boost Trinity+ . The 9S7-154322-498 has two fans, six heat pipes, and sharp-edged fan blades that work together to dissipate heat from the laptop. 


  • High price tags due to the use of the latest technology and a high-end operating system. 
  • MSI laptops have advanced cooling capabilities, but long usage causes heating issues. 
  • Hardware components not only increase weight but also have an overall bulky appearance. 
  • MSI frequently pre-installs bloatware or additional software on their devices, causing an impact on disc space and system performance. 

ASUS Gaming Laptops 

ASUS is another leading manufacturer of laptops for professionals, students, and other multiple users. The company has been struggling with the concept of “more screens” on its gaming laptop line-up. 

Our Top Picks: ASUS Zephyrus Duo 16 (GX650PY-NM001W) and ASUS ROG Flow X16 (GV601VI-NL016W0) 


  • The high quality of ASUS gaming laptops makes them stand out in the market. The ASUS Zephyrus Duo 16 offers dual displays for multitaskers and gamers. 
  • Equipped with powerful processors and graphics cards to handle heavy workloads and provide smooth gaming experiences. 
  • ASUS laptops are reasonably priced and do not sacrifice efficiency and effectiveness for cost. 
  • Exceptional gaming and graphics – with ROG GameVisual software, the ROG Flow X16 offers six expertly tuned graphic modes to optimise your visual experience for particular game genres. 


  • Many ASUS models lack CD/DVD drives, which can be inconvenient for people who intend to play CD-requiring video games. 
  • Some ASUS laptops have a battery life of 4 to 5 hours, making them inadequate for high-performance and graphics-intensive games. 
  • Some users claimed challenges in obtaining timely assistance or satisfactory resolutions to their problems due to a lack of appropriate service centers. 
  • A few ASUS models can be a little top-heavy and uneasy to carry. 

Lenovo Gaming Laptops

Lenovo gaming laptops offer versatility and a wide range of features and specifications that cater to various needs and budgets. Their laptops are known for their sturdy construction and robust performance.

Our Top Picks: Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3i 15IHU6 (82K10132UK+Case) and Lenovo IdeaPad 3i (82K10132UK) 


  • Lenovo gaming laptops come with dedicated GPU cards and powerful processors, making them suitable for demanding games. 
  • Lenovo is a reliable brand with super-stable and dependable laptops. This reliability can be seen in the Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3i 15IHU6. Play at peak performance with the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Series laptop GPUs and cutting-edge new features. 
  • Lenovo laptops have ergonomic and well-designed keyboards, making them appropriate for typing-intensive activities. 
  • The Lenovo IdeaPad 3i delivers triumph with a display that allows for quick reflexes with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, allowing you to acquire several in-game targets. 


  • Investing in a Lenovo laptop can be quite expensive, especially for the higher-end models. 
  • Some laptops may be quite heavy and not ideal for people who need to take their laptops on the go. 
  • Some models have less than ordinary displays in terms of colour accuracy, contrast, and brightness. 
  • Unlike other top brands, Lenovo laptops may have fewer customization features, such as minimum options for storage and RAM upgrades. 

Medion Gaming Laptops

Medion is a German electronics manufacturer that provides various computing devices and gaming laptops. Their laptops are designed with strong hardware and high end graphics cards to give the best gaming experience. 

Our Top Picks: Medion Erazer Deputy P25 (300335350) and MSI Raider GE66 Deluxe Edition (9S7-154434-477) 


  • Median provides you with high-end gaming systems packed full of the latest technology. The Medion Erazer Deputy P25 delivers decent performance for gaming and other resource-intensive tasks. 
  • The Median Raider series is the pinnacle of productivity and has benefits that will lead you beyond infinity. 
  • With next-generation cooling systems, these laptops are highly adaptable to meet the growing needs of users. 
  • MSI Raider GE66 Deluxe Edition is tailor-made and highly optimised for gamers. The display has a high refresh rate and smooth visuals, allowing you to take your gaming to the next level. 


  • As compared to other brands, Median laptops do not offer exceptional battery life. 
  • The Medion laptop may feel less substantial or durable, potentially shortening its lifespan. 
  • These laptops are less known due to their limited availability in certain regions or markets. 
  • Medion laptops may be bulkier and heavier than regular laptops. The large cooling mechanisms and hardware components contribute to the reduced portability and increased weight. 

Key Findings

When selecting a gaming laptop, you must consider your budget to get the best value for your money. Go for a laptop that offers the best processors, GPU cards, RAM or storage, and long battery life while remaining within your budget. 

If you want the best bang for your buck, practically all the MSI gaming laptops we’ve tested combine decent specs with exceptional performance. Both ASUS and Lenovo gaming laptops bring style and mobility, ensuring that when you open a game, your score on the scoreboard isn’t the only thing drawing attention. 

Medion is an all-around good company with a great lineup of dependable laptops. This brand is a wonderful alternative if you need it for specific games. However, it is necessary to investigate and evaluate the specific models and settings within each brand in order to find which one delivers the best gaming experience within your budget. 

At Laptop Outlet, we acknowledge how important it is to have a dependable and high-performing laptop that meets all your personal or gaming needs. We provide high-quality laptops from all the top brands, such as MSI, ASUS, Lenovo, and Median.  Unleash your creativity, increase your productivity, and conquer the gaming world with our extensive range of high-performance laptops! 

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