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Various ways to wear a dupatta are plentiful, but what are they exactly?

Indian ethnic wear is so cultured and traditional and they are traditionally worn in many other countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and of course in India as well. And as we are talking about dupatta we all know how well it enhanced our overall look. It is one of the essential parts of ethnic wear.

Variety in colors, designs, and patterns characterize ethnic clothing, an indispensable element of which is available. Worn alongside salwar suits, lehenga cholis, and sarees, a dupatta is an elongated rectangular piece of material commonly found in South Asian clothing.

A dupatta is a long, rectangular piece of cloth worn with traditional South Asian attire such as a salwar Suit, lehenga choli, and sarees. To cover the head or to give decoration to an outfit, it is frequently slung over the shoulders or the arms. A vast variety of themes, styles, and materials, including silk, cotton, chiffon, and georgette are available for dupattas.

We are going to show you the various methods to wear a dupatta in this article because there are so many of them. Choose your preferred selection by simply scrolling down. Without further ado, let’s get started and showcase your desi style!

Different styles of wearing a dupatta

The classic style: 

The classic style of wearing a dupatta is timeless and elegant. It involves draping the scarf over both shoulders, allowing it to flow down the front. Amongst women who greatly admire Indian fashion’s customs and elegance, the dupatta is a favored choice. This accessory has the ability to elevate the style and grace of any ensemble, making it the perfect addition for formal events, nuptials, and other customary occasions. The versatility of its classic design enables it to complement many traditional attires such as lehengas, sarees, and salwar suits.

Since it goes with a variety of outfits and is versatile, many women enjoy the looping drape.

The one-shoulder drape:

The one-shoulder drape is one of the fashionable styles of draping the dupatta it involves taking one end of the dupatta and draping it over both the shoulders and allowing it to be free from the front. This is the style of draping that you have seen at weddings, occasions, and festive events. This style is popular among young girls and is often worn with casual outfits.

The looped drape:

The looped drape technique of wearing a dupatta is becoming increasingly popular among fashion fans. It entails draping the dupatta over both shoulders and then wrapping one end around the neck. The looped drape not only gives the outfit a sense of beauty but also holds the dupatta in place, which facilitates movement. For formal events where you want to showcase your attire while keeping the dupatta in place, try this look. Since it goes with a variety of outfits and is versatile, many women enjoy the looping drape.

The Cape Drape: 

The cape drape is a gorgeous style that is becoming increasingly popular among fashionistas. This style entails wrapping one end of the dupatta around the head and shoulders like a cape and allowing the remaining fabric to fall loosely in front. This look adds drama and elegance to any dress, making it ideal for formal occasions such as weddings. It’s a versatile appearance that can be tailored to any taste or preference, whether you want a strong and vibrant look or something more simple and classic. To boost your look and make a statement, try the cape drape.

The Wrist and Shoulder Drape

Imagine there is an event that requires you to dress ethnically but also allows you to show off your dance talents. In such an instance, choose an embroidered or elaborately decorated dupatta and pin it on either side of your shoulders, wrapping the other end around your wrist. Salwar chunnis are ideal since they are long and easy to wrap without falling off.

Long Pleats with an Waist Belt

A waist belt is an excellent accessory. A kamar chibi is very popular among women. Fold your dupatta in large folds so that only the corner zari is visible at full length; now, belt it! Color contrast is essential since you don’t want to wear too many chaotic designs at once, which can look heavy and overpowering. You can even try this look on lehenga cholis and cotton Anarkali suits; just make sure your dupatta’s zari design is on the outer side of your shoulder, and you’re good to go!

Wrapping up

The dupatta is an important part of Indian ethnic wear, particularly for women, and it can be styled in a variety of ways to showcase the elegance of an ensemble. JOVI Fashion specializes in offering women’s dresses in exquisite Indian attire, and their dupatta selection is no exception. JOVI Fashion has a solution for every taste and wants, from traditional draped styles to contemporary draped and non-draped styles. Any ensemble can benefit from the grace and sophistication that a dupatta can bring, whether it’s for a formal event or a casual outing. If you want to give your clothes a traditional Indian elegance touch, you must own a dupatta from JOVI Fashion.


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